DIY Scrunchie Holder

Hello, hello!

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a good ‘ole fashioned DIY!

I’ve recently become obsessed with scrunchies and have grown my collection to 11. I was thinking about how I wanted a cute way to display them for the bathroom and I got to thinking about how I could make my own.

I got to thinking about how the shape of a paper towel holder would work perfectly! You could just easily go out and buy one from the store, but they cost anywhere from $15-$25. I constructed my own for about $3!

Let’s start with the materials. I purchased a wooden dowel (7/8″ x 12″) and a wooden circular base. The dowel came in a 2 pack and was a little more than $2 and the circular base was 84 cents. I already had wood glue, white paint and polycrylic.

This project is pretty simple as far as DIYs go. I just lightly sanded the edges of the base so that it was smooth to the touch. Then I applied wood glue to the end of the wooden dowel and stuck on it the base. I waited about 30 mins and then painted it white! After the paint dried for about an hour, I added a clear polycrylic to seal it. This will help give it a smoother finish and prevent any paint from chipping off onto the scrunchies.And ta da – all done!

This was probably one of the easier DIYs I’ve done and it’s so useful! You could also do this to make your own paper towel holder. I may do that with the extra dowel.

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY. Be on the lookout for a post about my new apartment in the near future!


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